Oftentimes those who have naturally curly hair want straight hair and those with straight tresses want to add curls. At Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa, the stylists are well versed in techniques to embrace natural curls, straighten hair or add curls.

“For those with naturally curly hair, we offer a specialized haircutting technique that will enhance curls,” says Corinne Calabro, salon owner.

Only one of a handful of salons in the area that offers the DevaCut, Cory’s stylists are certified in this specialized dry-cutting technique, in which the hair is cut when it is in its natural dry state—instead of wet.

“Each curl is cut individually so it does not disrupt the curl pattern,” says Corinne. “By cutting the hair when it is dry, we can see how the curls fall naturally.”

And for those with curly hair who want a straight, sleek style, Cory’s offers a GKhair keratin straightening treatment with natural seed extracts that keeps strands moisturized and hair free of frizz.

On the flip side, if you have straight hair but love curls, you can add some with a perm. “We have been doing lots of perms, but with a more creative interpretation,” notes Corinne. “The modern perm gives you a more tousled, beach-wave look with bouncy movement as opposed to a defined curl.”

Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa is located at 7216 Pearl Road in Middleburg Heights. Call 440-888-8864. The salon is open seven days a week.