If there is any doubt as to whether perms are making a comeback, just look at Hollywood celebrities like Olivia Munn and Emma Stone, who are rocking the new modern perm.
“This new wave of perms proves the ‘80s throwback trend is here to stay, but with a modern interpretation,” comments Corinne Calabro, owner of Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa. “The modern perm gives you a more subtle, soft, tousled look. Perfect for a carefree summer style, these effortless beach-wave curls showcase bouncy movement more than a defined curl.”
To create this updated perm style, the stylists at Cory’s use new and advanced product formulas with less ammonia that add an intense conditioning treatment. They also are using new techniques with different rod sizes so clients can pick the desired level of curl.
And for those blessed with natural curly hair, Cory specializes in DevaCurl, a specialized dry-cutting technique, in which the hair is cut when it is in its natural dry state and not wet.
“Each curl is cut individually so it does not disrupt the curl pattern,” says Corinne, noting that Cory’s is one of a handful of salons certified in DevaCurl. “By cutting the hair when it is dry, we can see how the curls fall naturally.”